Monday 30 January 2012

Cami band - made!

I got round to making my cami band this weekend. I made it with stretch black lycra following the instructions at makeit-loveit. I am pleased with how it turned out (sorry for the terrible photos, it looks nicer in reality) but i'll definitely make some changes on the next one. I wont use the shiny black lycra again, its too slippy and the band tended to rise up while i was wearing it today, and i think i'll make it longer too. As you can see from the picture i wore it with a particularly short tshirt and i was a bit self conscious all day of the tshirt rising up and exposing the band (and my tum!). Also i think i might try and taper it round my waist a bit more, it fit perfectly round my hips but was a bit loose round my waist, which also made me a bit self-conscious, that maybe you could see the layer of fabric beneath the tshirt. But even with all those negatives i still really like the effect and ive ordered some stretch jersey cotton to try out for the next ones :)
See the mark 2 version here


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