Wednesday 18 January 2012

My sisters birthday presents!

Sunday was my lovely big sisters birthday, it sucks having a birthday so soon after Christmas and she lives on the other side if the world to me in Melbourne so I always try and make a lot of effort with her presents. Normally what I buy/make is restricted by size and weight or I end up spending a fortune on postage! But this year our mum is going to visit so I can send some stuff with her
This year I posted her this gorgeous owl calendar that I downloaded and printed from My Owl Barn and I bought the cute union jack peg magnets from eBay (I like to remind her she's British on a regular basis!)

With the owl calendar I sent her this recipe for gingerbread bears with a cute little bear cutter (sorry for the terrible photo, which actually has a deer cutter instead of a bear as posted this before I had a chance to take a photo and had to recreate it at home later!)

I just printed the recipe (customised from this recipe) on thick card, punched some heart shaped holes in the bottom and tied the bear cutter with cute orange ribbon. Hopefully she'll make some biscuits and send me photos so I can post them on here

I've also sent her (via our mums suitcase) a framed papercut which I forgot to photo! (Hopefully my mum or sister will send me a picture of that too!). I made it on my Make Lounge paper cut course, which was excellent, and is of a moustache with 'monsieur' cut out underneath!
And finally this beautiful airmail notecard set from Present and Correct which I thought was perfect since we have such a long distance relationship!

Happy birthday sis xx love you lots xxx

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