Saturday 21 January 2012

Knitted Birthday Cards

Another new make of the year :) I often make these knitted birthday present cards for my friends so i thought i'd make a nice new tonal set of five to sell on etsy. Theyre just little knitted squares, i use whatever wool is left over in my stash, which i glue ribbon too and then stick onto bought card blanks. I get these white card blanks from hobby craft. I used to attach a dymo embossed happy birthday to the cards but my dymo has broken (bad times) so i found a dymo font online and printed it onto glossy photo paper, cut it out and stuck the wording to the card. Done! Really easy but very cute i think.

I also loved how all the little squares looked stacked up next to each other, a little knitted rainbow!

The card set are available to buy in my shop on etsy, other combinations to follow hopefully, or message me if you intersted in anything specific.

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