Monday 23 January 2012

Muffin Tulips - Lemon and Poppyseed

I've always loved the big tulips muffin cases you get when you buy a handmade muffin, you know the dark brown ones with the big pointy sides and i was wondering if you can make them at home so i thought id give it a go. I bought some pretty star patterned greaseproof paper from ebay to use, i think maybe darker paper next time would be good as the paler stuff shows up all the grease.
So I cut a square slightly bigger than my muffin tin hole to start.

I found that the narrow end of my hand blender attachment was the same size as the inside of my muffin holes so i used that to press the paper down into the hole. Its important to get it in the middle of the paper or you end up with wonky sides.

Then crease all the folds and the base to make it stay in the hole and then fill it as usual.

Its a bit fiddly to get the case creased enough to stay in the tin and its a bit hit and miss whether you get a nice shaped case or not but i think they worked ok.

I think id try bigger squares next time to get higher sides and let me fill the cases a bit higher - my muffins look more like fairy cake in size because i didnt want them to go over the cases

I made lemon and poppy seed muffins - recipe here, but i didnt ice them as i dont love icing.

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