Sunday 15 January 2012

First full make of the year! Basket weave blanket

Finally! My first proper make of the year! I wanted a chunky blanket to cover myself with when Im lying on the sofa so after a bit of surfing inspiration I designed this one my self. I'm so pleased how it turned out, the wool is really snuggly and I love the colour.

Wool/yarn: RICO Fashion Super Chunky in grey, 005, I used 7 balls
Size: 112cm (44") by 135cm (53")
Needles: I used a 22mm circular needle but used it as single needles, ie don't connect in the round

Cast on 76
Rows 1 to 4: knit
Rows 5 to 12: k6, (k8,p8) repeat 4 times, k6
Rows 13 to 20: k6, (p8,k8) 4 times, k6
Repeat rows 5 to 20 16 more times or until blanket is the size you want
Final 4 rows: knit
Cast off
Weave in ends

If I make it again I might make the top and bottom borders a bit longer to match the side borders, ie increase the number of knit only rows at the beginning and end, but I was worried about not having enough wool so I left them narrow.

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