Wednesday 25 January 2012

Cami Bands

I saw this amazing advert the other day for Cami Bands and i immediately wanted some! I think i have a long body or something as my tshirts and tops are always a little bit short, but i get really hot if i put another layer underneath so these are just genius - and extra layer from waist down to hips only, hides any exposed flesh but doesnt cover my back and chest and make me overheat! I thought about ordering some from the US but having not touched them and felt the fabric i was a bit reluctant so i thought id have a go and make some myself. I found this tutorial over at makeit-loveit, which is actually for maternity bands (im not preggers!) but i though the principle is still the same so im going to give them a go this weekend. I bought some black lycra from ebay but i might branch out in different colour/patterns if they work well, i like the idea of a stretch lace one if poss. I'll keep you posted...

See my first attempt here
See the mark 2 version here

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