Friday 5 July 2013

Box Dividers from Cereal Boxes

Organising week has shown me that although i was pretty organised, nearly everything already had a place, the organising once stuff was in its designated place was not great! I had a storage box full of my stationery, pens, rulers, glue, notepads etc, which i had to root around in each time i needed something. So, inspired totally by this post at I Heart Organising i decided to tackle the stationery box!

I cut down some cereal boxes id been stockpiling for this purpose and then, using double sized tape, covered them with these fabulous wallpaper samples id had for-ever.
Covering the boxes was bit fiddly, im not the most exact person in the world so some of my wallpaper is a bit wonky but its only for me to see so im not bothered!

Having everything separated out is so much easier and its looks so much prettier!

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  1. Terrific idea! Great way to go green with boxes. Hope you'll stop by and say hi to me at!