Monday 8 July 2013

Ribbon Organising

So far ive organised my embroidery wool, my sewing threads and my knitting wool so now its time to tackle the ribbons!
Id added a shelf to the craft room and decided to add some rails underneath it to make some vertical, hanging storage areas which could work perfectly for ribbons. I just used kitchen rails and hooks from Ikea.
A while ago i organised my ribbons onto little cardboard spools which worked for a while but they ended up shoved in a bag together which made it hard to find what i wanted
So after finding this post from Maime Jane's via Pinterest I decided to scale that up and make larger spools which i could hang from the rail

I (obviously!) colour coordinated my ribbons, wound them onto the simple card spool shapes and secured the ribbon with a bit of tape. I then used net curtain clips to hang them from the rail.

I also had some ribbons on spools which i didnt want to unwind so i cut a short length of doweling, threaded on the spools and then hung it between two hooks

I love how this turned out, its simple but so pretty and i can see exactly what i have without having to unpack a whole bag!

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