Saturday 13 July 2013

Craft Room Finished!

So the craft room is now finished!!! Ive still got a few other things around the house i want to sort so organising fortnight(ish) is still ongoing but the main thing i wanted to complete is finished! This post shows how it looked before

This is the end with my work bench. Here ive got the kilner jars with my threads on the top shelf with my washi tape and zips next to them. Below is the ribbon rail and then below that are my hoop bags and various other bits and bobs. The bulk of fabric is a big really useful box under the table and the seat is a storage bench which hold all my bulkier wool.

From this angle you can see my wool wall storage and then all the various bigger things in boxes in the wardrobe. Plenty of empty space to expand into as well!

The area around my desk is my favourite bit, i love all the colour coordination just how easy it is to find everything. Im so happy with how its turned out and i love love love making stuff in there :)

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