Thursday 25 July 2013

Wardrobe Storage Boxes - Triangular!

So our lovely fitted wardrobes have some triangular shaped shelves in them and i was struggling to use them for much.

In the end i decided i needed storage boxes for the shelves. I went through a load of ideas, buying some (nothing was the right shape), making them out of card or thin plastic sheet (sheets big enough were expensive) until i decided the only way was to make them out of fabric and use pelmet hessian to strengthen the sides

I measured the shelf and cut out three pieces for the sides and a triangular piece for the base. Accuracy is key here, theres little room for error so make sure you measure twice, cut once, like my grandad taugt me!

I sewed the three side pieces together to make a tube

But i didnt sew all the way down to the bottom, i left a cm gap to make it easier to add in the base piece.

Then, with everything right side together, i lined up the base piece and sewed along each side. Again dont sew all the way to the end, stop when you get to the seam allowance for the next side of the base piece

That means all you corners line up nicely

I turned it all right side out and checked the corners. Sometimes the gap i left at the bottom on the side piece was too big and there would be a gap or loose stitching. If there was i just turned it wrong side again, stitched over the side seams, all the way down to the base piece to secure them.

Then i made a whole new piece in the same way for the lining.

Once i had both the outer piece and the lining i cut the pelmet hessian to the correct length for each side and tucked them into place. And added the lining piece (wrong side against the hessian) inside the hessian

I didnt think my sewing machine would stand up to sewing through 2 layers of fabric and the hessian so i decided to use an iron on tape to seal the edges

I folded the lining of the box over the hessian and tucked it in between the hessian and the outer fabric. I then folder the outer fabric over that. So the raw edge of the outer fabric formed a lip over the top onto the lining.

Then i just ironed the tape over the raw edge sealing it.

Heres they are in use, i love how they look and they really have made that area more usable. I used fabric i already had and probably spent £40 on hessian and iron on tape but that still works out much cheaper than making plastic ones or buying custom fit ones!


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  2. Nice, you can also use cardboard packaging boxes in this for more support.

  3. You did an amazing job there. You have creatively used your wardrobe storage boxes.