Wednesday 17 July 2013

Recovered Bathroom Storage Drawers

This is my last post of orgainsing fornight(ish), i'm going to finish off a few more things on the list over the next few weeks (months?) but ive acomplished even more than i thought i would so im officallly closing organising fortnight(ish) with this bathroom storage makeover. I hope you enjoyed my posts ive really enjoyed getting all those little jobs done, its so satisfying :)

Lovely BM and I have some very functional but very boring white woven plastic storage drawers in our main bathroom. They do the job but i dont like how they look so i decided to recover them with wallpaper scraps.

As they'll be in the bathroom i also wanted to cover the wallpaper with sticky back plastic to make it slightly more water resistant.

So first off i cut my wallpaper to size

The i cut some sticky back plastic so it was slightly larger than the wall paper

And covered the wall paper with the sticky back plastic, folding it over to protect the edges of the wall paper.

I then folded the covered wallpaper up over the drawer and fixed it in place with some foam sticky tabs.

I repeated the process for the other drawer and also cover the top of the unit in the same way.

I covered another spare drawer with some coordinating wallpaper for a bit of variety.

I think they look really good, a definite improvment.
On the other shelves are a little plastic basket for more bathroom stuff and a bread bin i spray painted which is our medicine cabinet. Love the final effect, practical but pretty!

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